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Collapsible Wooden Basket


The folding wooden basket is a traditional craft art form that has been around for more than a hundred years. Folding baskets are cut on a bandsaw using a single flat piece of wood. They work because of the natural strength and flexibility of solid wood. When it is folded flat it can be used as a trivet or put away for convenient storage. When the handle is lifted, it expands into a basket that can be used for any purpose desired. Baskets are made in several sizes from seven inches wide to about twelve inches wide, depending on the width of the piece of wood. Exotic woods are especially hard to find in wide boards. The basket is treated with a Danish Oil finish to protect and emphasize the grain and color of the wood. Baskets can be sanded with fine sandpaper to get rid of any marks or scratches from use, and re-oiled to look brand new.

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